Drs. Pfab and Raika are known for being wonderful dentists, artists, teachers and family friends.   They are friendly, gentle and competent and want you to have a pleasant dental visit which will leave you with a sense of well being about your teeth. These Testimonials and others are available in our office for review.

“Dr. Pfab and Staff, Thank you all so much for the care, courtesy and friendliness you all have shown to me. You are all a great team and I enjoy my visits to your office. Thanks again.”

Jeraldine B.

“When I first came in I was VERY interested in “Gentle Dentistry”! So far I can truly say I have experienced that every time I’ve come in. I’ve had lots of problems with my teeth and Dr. Raika has given me such concentrated care. Thanks a bunch!!”

Sandi B.

“I am very pleased with the result of my porcelain veneers. Dr. Pfab has made my smile whiter and brighter. My sisters are envious and old friends tell me how great I look. Dr. Pfab and Jenny are nice and very professional. The staff at the Pfabulous Gentle Dentistry will work with you in any way they can.  I highly recommend Dr. Pfab and Raika and their staff to all my friends and family. My experiences have been delightful!”

Marion C.

“I am old enough to recall dental procedures that were neither gentle nor cosmetic. I’ve been exposed to “the good the bad and the ugly” as the saying goes. Fate brought me to Dr. Pfab in June. I was discouraged because a bridge had popped out AGAIN. Dr. Pfab did a repair that allowed me to attend a family reunion without a gaping hole in my smile. Then he offered me 3 care plans to consider for the long-term health of my mouth. My husband and I were impressed with the thorough presentation and the possibilities. Racquel explained the low-mid- and high variables of my financing options.

That was two months ago and now I have a bright, natural looking and more confident smile. My appearance and my payment plan both resulted in favorable outcomes. From Delane’s initial “Good Morning” at the front desk through every phase of my treatment, I was comfortable in the care of individuals who make up a top notch team of dental professionals.


Hey Doc, Met a beautiful lady and moved to the beach. Was thinking about all of you. Thought I’d Write. Thanks for the beautiful smile.”

Bill P.

“Dr. Pfab, Could you please have one of your insurance specialists see how coverage for the permanent bridge is going to work?

I would also like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful dental work and personal service that I have received. I never thought I would look forward to visiting the dentist. You and your staff have made this possible. Thanks so much!”

Kim P.

“My overall experience with Dr. Ana Cruz Raika, DDS and the entire Pfabulous Gentle Dentistry team was, well, FABULOUS!

Meeting Dr. Raika for the fist time was in itself a very positive experience. She and all the other members of the Dentistry team (including Peggy and the many other dedicated individuals) have what I consider to be a unique and rare quality-they listened: intently, completely and sincerely to what I had to say.

My treatment plan is near it’s conclusion. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone who is interested in a high tech dental facility, staffed with competent, knowledgeable and caring people”

Mark F.